Cadets from around London & South East Region joined forces with serving members of the RAF, as well as veterans, reservists and the wider RAF family at the launch of the RAF100 Baton Relay.

The baton was designed by students of the No 4 School of Technical Training at MOD St Athan, from materials used in the past, present and potential aircraft manufacture. The baton’s journey began at the Royal Courts of Justice on 1 April 2018.

As the journey got underway, RAF Air Cadets had a very special role to play at the launch event. Cadet Pascha Al-Qassab, from 261 Guildford Sqn said, “We came here today to be part of the guard of honour and I have really loved meeting some of the people here and it’s been a wonderful experience.”

This was not the only special event cadets had been involved in. On the eve of the Centenary, cadets took part in a special commemorative concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Honorary Ambassador Group Captain Carol Vorderman said “Last night at the Gala we had quite a number of cadets lining the stairs down to the stage and that was great… And again today, because they are considered a part of the RAF… and so many serving personnel, approximately around a third, were cadets and certainly as you go to the front line squadrons that goes up… so there is a great affinity between the two [cadets and the RAF], and I’m very proud to be their ambassador.”

The Baton Relay is now underway. The relay will see the baton visit 100 sites associated with the RAF, finishing on the 10 July on Horseguards Parade. The baton will be carried by RAF personnel, veterans, and cadets around the country.