Air Cadets from Surrey Wing have become some of the first cadets in the country to gain the new RAF Air Cadets Blue Aviation Wings.
The 12 teenagers from 1408 (Dorking) Squadron and 1408 (Cranleigh) Detached Flight were the first in Surrey to complete the three stages of the newly introduced syllabus. First the cadets had to complete a “ground school” lesson in the classroom, covering the basics of how an aircraft flies and how it is controlled. The next stage is synthetic training on a Part Task Trainer or PTT. The PTT is a replica of a glider cockpit complete with controls, instrumentation and wrap around computer screens to display the simulated environment. While in the PTT the cadet is shown the effects of the controls by a qualified instructor, and then tries the controls for themselves. The last part of the process is the fun bit – the flight in a real aircraft. For this the cadets visit one of the RAF’s Air Experience Flights where they fly in the Grob Tutor training aircraft. Here they experience the controls for real, under the tutorage of an RAF qualified flying instructor.
Since the cadets from Dorking completed their training in January, a total of 58 cadets in Surrey Wing have met the criteria for the award of the new Blue Wings.
These cadets can now continue their training working towards the new Bronze Wings. These are achieved through the same process, but with more advanced topics covered. Ultimately cadets can achieve silver and gold wings after completing flying scholarships, during which they can fly solo.

We’ve got our new Blue Wings