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Find Out More About Being An Air Cadet Adult Volunteer

First steps for Adult Volunteers

Over 20? Seeking a new challenge? Would you like to develop skills, leadership qualities and gain qualifications too?

Part of the strength of staff in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets is that they come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. You will need to have personal skills including maturity, reliability, and patience. As a staff member you will need to be responsible for young people and you will be supported through training to give you all the necessary skills required to be a staff member in the Air Cadet Organisation.

What will I need to do?

First you have to join as a Civilian Instructor at a Squadron which is local to you. You will be interviewed by a Wing Staff Officer and the Squadron Commander, before having to undergo basic security and vetting (DBS) checks. After that you will complete a Basic Adult Staff Induction Course, to give you the skills and knowledge to operate as Staff in the Air Cadets. Being a Civilian Instructor is a varied role allowing you to use your skills where they best fit. You can give as much or little time as you can, and you don’t need any formal qualifications, just enthusiasm that’s infectious! Most squadrons meet twice a week in the evenings and there are events at weekends throughout the year, as well as weeks away in the school holidays.

We rely on our volunteers to help us operate as effectively as possible. It’s important to be able to work as part of a team. There’s a role for anyone with some time to spare and a willingness to learn.

Of course, those with good management and organisational skills are a vital element of any unit. Really show your skills in these areas and you could end up taking on more responsibility by applying to become a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) in the Air Training Corps or a commissioned officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch). and moving up through the ranks like the regular Royal Air Force.

Am I eligible?

All kinds of people make up our volunteer staff, coming from a range of backgrounds and interests. You just need to be 20 years old or over and resident in the UK. If you have experience of working with young people, or any aviation related skills you would be particularly welcome. However, these aren’t essential, as there are plenty of roles available for any skill set; plus we will train and support you whatever you want to do.

That said, you’ll have some personal qualities that are essential, such as patience, maturity and responsibility along with an understanding of young people and their needs. You needn’t be an athlete, but a reasonable level of physical fitness also helps to ensure you can keep up with the cadets! You’ll also have as much fun as the cadets do!

I have no special skills?

These aren’t essential as we will train and support you at every stage.

I have special skills?

Obviously if you have direct experience of working with young people, or any relevant skills such as flying or gliding, Adventure Training or Sport to name but a few, you would be particularly welcome.

I have no military background?

Most instructors have never been in the forces, but former servicemen and women are more than welcome. We are open to everyone.

How will you develop me?

It’s not just the cadets that we like to see excel. We lead by example, and only by having fully trained, qualified and capable staff can we deliver the full cadet experience. We’ll supply all the training you require for the activities you assist with or lead. This includes health and safety, first aid and leadership courses, as well as specialist activity courses linked to our adventurous activities.

What qualifications can I gain?

We’ll supply all the training you require for the activities you assist with or lead, including health and safety, first aid and specialist courses that are essential to delivering adventurous training and competitive sport in a safe way. So if your thing is rock climbing, radio communications or just teaching in a classroom, there is a course for you.

Plus, as a volunteer you could be gaining extra qualifications, which you can then use in your professional career. Take a look at our Opportunities Page Page to find out more.

How does volunteering benefit my career?

There is often a cross-over of skills and experience. When you join us you bring the experience you have gained in your job and in turn the qualifications you gain with us can enhance your career and therefore be of benefit in your employment.

As one of our Volunteers, you will develop qualities such as leadership, skills like project management, problem-solving and decision making are all easily transferable to other career areas.

Will I be paid?

You will be provided with all the necessary equipment for your role, including special clothing and uniform where applicable. You’ll also be reimbursed for your transport costs to our activities.

As an officer or non-commissioned officer you can, however, claim for up to 28 days’ volunteer allowance. Don’t forget, you’ll experience many activities and training opportunities, all for free!